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Kaleo translates "To This You Were Called" in Greek. It is a strong and powerful verb that means something deeper than "to do" but to be divinely inspired and created for a specific purpose, to be "called".

Brian Gregg, founded Kaleo with a desire to serve, design and create construction projects with an exceptional level of skill and service. Having grown up in the construction industry he saw many unskilled craftsmen and shoddy work, leaving many unhappy homeowners in the wake. Brian has taken his experiences and GOD given abilities to change his client's view of construction and roofing contractors. Brian takes time with each client to completely explain each step of the roofing and construction process. Having dealt with nearly every insurance company in the state, he is well versed in talking with insurance agents and adjusters to help the client maximize their claim. Brian works hard to make sure each client is satisfied as most of our business comes from our past client's referrals. We look forward to talking with you about your specific construction needs and watching your dreams come to life. 

More about Brian, he has a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University, he resides in Guthrie with his wife, Courtney, and 5 children, Justin, Bailey, Addison, Carly and Remy.  



We know with all the severe weather damage Oklahomans deal with every year there are many "fly by night" and scam companies around. Please be aware and check references on anyone you sign a contract with or hire. Too many times do we see and talk to clients who have been scammed. Check references, ask for their State of Oklahoma Contractors license number, ask lots of questions, read the entire contract before signing. By making sure you are dealing with a reputable company, you will be guaranteed you will get what you pay for. 

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What clients are saying

"Anytime you spend a significant amount of time working with someone on a building project, it's typical to be tired of dealing with them by the time it's complete. However, my experience with Kaleo Construction was quite the opposite. After working closely with them for 8 months I now have even more respect and appreciation for the way they do business. Brian Gregg is a rare combination of knowledge, diligence, and integrity. His time-management, communication, and follow-thru were excellent, and the quality of work was top-notch. It was a real pleasure to deal with Kaleo, and I would recommend them to anyone that wants their project done on-time and on-budget."

Russ Schwettmann - 6/20/2012

I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you and your company have provided for me over the years. The roof you replaced on our house in OKC was done in a timely and quality manner. Your estimate was right-on, so I did not have to pay a dime as the insurance covered the total cost. And the best news is that we have had several hard rains since the install and no leaks.Because of your excellent work, I felt comfortable in using you on our lake house @ Grand Lake. Again, the roof was done with quality. Also, your company did an outstanding job on the remodel. The deck you added onto our upstairs bedroom turned out great along with demolition and remodel in the living room. My wife and I could not be happier.Please feel free to pass this information onto other clients who want a quality job done quickly and cost effective.

Jim Johnson - 6/28/2012

"We just had our second roof put on by Kaleo and both jobs have been very satisfactory. It was handled in a professional way from start to finish. The workmanship met every bit of our expectations. Brian Gregg is a super individual and he has a great crew"

Bob Gallamore - 06/18/2013